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CanadaInfo was created to provide anyone who wishes with a plethora of information about everything Canadian. Hundreds of thousands of people have visited the site from more than 90 countries around the world. Over 3000 of those visitors have asked and received answers to specific questions about Canada from our webmaster.



CanadaInfo was created when the webmaster was working for Environment Canada during the January 1998 ice storm in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec. Power shortages had forced many federal buildings closed in order to divert electricity to needy areas. What began as a recreational project to fill time while the Canadian Forces and power workers restored full service to the region has evolved into the comprehensive collection of facts, statistics, and other information you are viewing today.

The site is constantly being monitored to ensure its information is up to date and new information is frequently being added. There are now more than 500 pages of information on the site covering many aspects of Canadian government, regions, and people that make up this great land.

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This website has been honoured by its reference and publication in all types of media over the years. Click on any of the logos below to see the magazine, radio, television, book, newspaper, and internet sources that have used CanadaInfo as its source of Canadian information.

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CanadaInfo has been recognized for its content and presentation of Canadian material right from its creation in early 1998. Here are links to some of those early awards.

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April 10, 1998May 30, 1998June 23, 1998
September 29, 2000

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January 28, 1999March 30, 1999October 8, 2000

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Everything you ever needed to know about Canada, and probably more!

"A Tribute to Canada- a collection of information and links about Canada, its land, government, people and rich culture." If there is something about Canada you always wanted to know, the Tribute to Canada web site is the place to visit. Everything you ever needed to know about Canada, you will find here. From history, to government overviews, to info/bios on every Prime Minister, this site has it all. The site also contains background info on the Armed Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Coast Guard. The site also features a Canadian Knowledge Test and a Quick Facts page. This site is a huge resource for information about Canada on the Net, and if you ever wanted to improve your knowledge, this is the place to go.

"Overall, we give this site: * * * * "

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March 1999

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