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The Sergeant-at-Arms is a senior parliamentary officer appointed by Governor in Council, assists the Clerk as head of parliamentary precinct services, performing certain ceremonial functions and being responsible for security and building services.


Role and Responsibilities

The Sergeant-at-Arms performs many ceremonial and administrative duties and, as a commissioner of oaths, is one of the officers who may administer the oath of allegiance to newly elected Members. Bearing the Mace, the Sergeant-at-Arms precedes the Speaker as he or she enters and leaves the Chamber each day. The Sergeant-at-Arms occupies a desk at the Bar of the House when the House is sitting. In accordance with the Standing Orders, the Sergeant-at-Arms preserves order in the galleries, lobbies, and corridors and is responsible for taking into custody strangers who misbehave in the galleries. Traditionally, the position has been held by military officers.

Assistant Commissioner (RCMP) Pat McDonell

Assistant Commissioner (RCMP) Pat McDonell
Assistant Commissioner (RCMP) Pat McDonell
The office of Sergeant-at-Arms is currently vacant as former Sergeant-at-Arms was named Ambassador to Ireland. Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms Pat McDonell is leading the House of Commons at this time.

SOURCE: House of Commons of Canada.

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