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July 1, 1867 was the culmination of years of conferences of government officials negotiating the creation of the Dominion of Canada. Unlike the Americans who fought for their independence, Canada evolved from a British colony to an independent nation without bloodshed.


The Fathers of Confederation

Fathers of Confederation

This famous painting of the Fathers of Confederation depicts a scene that did not actually occur. True, all of these men helped negotitate the founding of the Dominion but the seating arrangements and scenery never occurred.

Quebec Conference, 1864

Quebec Conference, 1864

Front Row (left to right): E. Whalen, A.T. Galt, George Brown, J.A. Macdonald, Col. J.H. Gray, C. Tupper, .-P. TachM, S.L. Tilley, George-. Cartier, J. McCully, E.B. Chandler, W.H. Steeves, Lt. Col. J.H. Gray.

Back Row (left to right): G. Coles, H.L. Langevin, E. Palmer, O. Mowat, J.M. Johnson, A.G. Archibald, C. Fisher, J. Cockburn, J.C. Chapais, W.A. Henry, R.B. Dickey, A.A. Macdonald, W.H. Pope, J.A. Shea, F.B.T. Carter, H. Bernard, J.H. Haviland.

SOURCE: Notman Photographic Archives.

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