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Fact Sheets to Download

Everyone in Canada and around the world should have access to material to help learn more about the Dominion of Canada. Below you will find thumbnails of a series of different pictures, maps, and information sheets that are free to download to your computer and use for educational purposes. Email us before you download the files, giving us your location, purpose of use, and suggestions for other downloads that we can create for you.


  • Government Fact Sheets to Download
      Government in Canada, Federal Government Structure, Provincial Government Structure, Regional Government Structure, Local Area Government Structure, Government Division of Powers, Order of Succession to the Throne, Order of Precedence, Former Governors General, Former Prime Ministers, Members of the Federal Cabinet, Leaders of the Canadian Political Parties, Supreme Court of Canada

  • Provincial & Territorial Fact Sheets to Download
      Lieutenant Governors of Canada, Premiers of Canada, Arms of the Provinces & Territories, Flags of the Provinces & Territories, Flowers of the Provinces & Territories, Birds of the Provinces & Territories, Trees of the Provinces & Territories, Symbols of Alberta, Symbols of British Columbia, Symbols of Manitoba, Symbols of New Brunswick, Symbols of Newfoundland & Labrador, Symbols of the Northwest Territories, Symbols of Nova Scotia, Symbols of Nunavut, Symbols of Ontario, Ontario Government Structure, Leaders of the Ontario Political Parties, Symbols of Prince Edward Island, Symbols of Quebec, Symbols of Saskatchewan, Symbols of Yukon Territory

  • Maps to Download
      Political, Physical, Climate, Vegetation

  • Music Sheets to Download
      "O Canada!", "God Save the Queen", "Vice-Regal Anthem of Canada", "Maple Leaf Forever", "Something to Sing About"

  • Miscellaneous Fact Sheets to Download
      Canada's Trading Partners, Canadian Images, Canadian Currency, Canadian Coins

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