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Former Directors of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service's purpose is to conduct security investigations within Canada related to suspected subversion, terrorism and foreign espionage and sabotage. In its first years of existence, its priority was the investigation of terrorist groups because of a number of violent crimes with political overtones, including the bombing of an Air India jet on a flight from Montréal and the armed takeover of the Turkish embassy in Ottawa.


CSIS Director Michel Coulombe
CSIS Director Michel Coulombe
Dates of OfficeDirector
Jul 16 1984 - 1988Mr. Ted Finn
1988 - 1992Mr. Reid Morden
1992 - 1994Mr. Ray Protti
1994 - May 31 2004Mr. Ward Elcock
May 31 2004 - Nov 29 2004Mr. Dale Neufeld
Nov 29 2004 - Jun 27 2009Mr. Jim Judd
Jun 27 2009 - May 13 2013Mr. Richard Fadden
May 13 2013 - Mr. Michel Coulombe

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