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We must remember. If we do not, the sacrifice of those one hundred thousand Canadian lives will be meaningless. They died for us, for their homes and families and friends, for a collection of traditions they cherished and a future they believed in; they died for Canada. The meaning of their sacrifice rests with our collective national consciousness; our future is their monument.


Canadian Forces

2006-03-02Paul DavisCorporal2nd Batallion, PPCLI
2006-03-04Timothy WilsonMaster Corporal2nd Batallion, PPCLI
2006-03-29Robert CostallPrivate1st Batallion, PPCLI
2006-04-22William TurnerLieutenantLand Force Western Area
2006-04-22Randy PayneCorporalCFB Wainwright MP Platoon
2006-04-22Myles MansellBombardier5th Field Artillery Regiment
2006-04-22Matthew DinningCorporal2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
2006-05-17Nichola GoddardCaptain1st Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
2006-07-09Anthony BonecaCorporalLake Superior Scottish Regiment
2006-07-22Jason WarrenCorporalThe Black Watch of Canada
2006-07-22Francisco GomezCorporal1st Batallion, PPCLI
2006-08-03Christopher ReidCorporal1st Batallion, PPCLI
2006-08-03Bryce KellerCorporal1st Batallion, PPCLI
2006-08-03Vaughan IngramSergeant1st Batallion, PPCLI
2006-08-03Kevin DallairePrivate1st Batallion, PPCLI
2006-08-05Raymond ArndtMaster CorporalThe Loyal Edmonton Regiment
2006-08-09Jeffrey WalshMaster Corporal2nd Batallion, PPCLI
2006-08-11Andrew EykelenboomCorporal1st Field Ambulance
2006-08-22David BraunCorporal2nd Batallion, PPCLI
2006-09-03Shane StachnikSergeant2 Combat Engineer Regiment
2006-09-03Richard NolanWarrant Officer1st Batallion, The RCR
2006-09-03Frank MellishWarrant Officer1st Batallion, The RCR
2006-09-03William CushleyPrivate1st Batallion, The RCR
2006-09-04Mark GrahamPrivate1st Batallion, The RCR
2006-09-18Keith MorleyCorporal2nd Batallion, PPCLI
2006-09-18Shane KeatingCorporal2nd Batallion, PPCLI
2006-09-18David ByersPrivate2nd Batallion, PPCLI
2006-09-18Glen ArnoldCorporal2 Field Ambulance
2006-09-29Josh KlukiePrivate1st Batallion, The RCR
2006-10-03Robert MitchellCorporalRoyal Canadian Dragoons
2006-10-03Craig GillamSergeantRoyal Canadian Dragoons
2006-10-07Mark WilsonTrooperRoyal Canadian Dragoons
2006-10-14Blake WilliamsonPrivate1st Batallion, The RCR
2006-10-14Darcy TedfordSergeant1st Batallion, The RCR
2006-11-27Albert StormCorporal1st Batallion, The RCR
2006-11-27Robert GirouardChief Warrant Officer1st Batallion, The RCR

Police and Peace Officers

2006-04-19John GoyerConstableAbbotsford Police Department
2006-04-22Randy PayneCorporalMilitary Police
2006-04-22Matthew DinningCorporalMilitary Police
2006-05-05John Atkinson, Sr.Police ConstableWindsor Police Service
2006-05-14Donald DoucetSenior ConstableSault Ste. Marie Police Service
2006-07-15Robin CameronConstableRoyal Canadian Mounted Police
2006-07-16Marc BourdagesConstableRoyal Canadian Mounted Police
2006-11-13David MounseyProvincial ConstableOntario Provincial Police


2006-01-15William MartinCaptainWinnipeg, Manitoba
2006-01-21Marcel MarleauCaptainMontreal, Quebec
2006-02-03Jeff LaishesFirefighterToronto, Ontario
2006-02-22Rosaire SergerieFirefighterMont-Joli, Québec
2006-03-02John PattersonCaptainWindsor, Ontario
2006-04-07Mark JohnstonFirefighterOttawa, Ontario
2006-04-08Thomas UptonLieutenantGabriola Island, British Columbia
2006-04-19Gary BryantFirefighterWolfe Island, Ontario
2006-04-26Patrick ThibodeauFirefighterOttawa, Ontario
2006-05-14Roy ClarkCaptain/Water Bomber Pilot La Ronge, Saskatchewan
2006-07-03Darcy MosesForest Fire Fighter Valleyview, Alberta
2006-07-04David NaarPilot Niagara Falls, Ontario
2006-07-10 Dean LariveeCaptainAbbotsford, British Columbia
2006-08-19 Clarke StevensFirefighterEdmonton, Alberta
2006-12-23 Shawn MacLeodFirefighterBridgeville, Nova Scotia

SOURCES: Canadian Forces, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, and Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

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