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Order of Precedence Comparison

Canada and the United States have very different constitutional origins and therefore have placed the order of precedence of its leaders in an order that is best suited to their foundations and laws. This page lists the order of precedence for both countries by title of position.


CanadaUnited States
1.Governor GeneralPresident
2.Prime MinisterVice President and Speaker of the Senate
3.Chief Justice of the Supreme CourtSpeaker of the House of Representatives
4.Speaker of the SenateChief Justice of the Supreme Court
5.Speaker of the House of CommonsAmbassadors
6.AmbassadorsSecretary of State
7.Members of the MinistryAmbassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
8.Leader of the OppositionAssociate Justices of the Supreme Court
9.Lieutenant Governors of the ProvincesMembers of the Cabinet
10.Members of the Queen's Privy CouncilPresident Pro Tempore of the Senate
11.Premiers of the ProvincesSenators
12.Commissioners of the TerritoriesGovernors of the States
13.Government Leaders of the TerritoriesMembers of the House of Representatives
14.Faith LeadersNon-Voting Members of the House of Representatives
15.Puisne Judges of the Supreme CourtGovernor of Puerto Rico
16.Chief Justice and the Associate Chief Justice of the Federal Court of CanadaNational Security Advisor
17.Chief Justices of the Provincial CourtsCounsellors and Assistants to the President
18.Other Federal and Provincial JudgesCharges d'Affaires of Foreign Countries
19.SenatorsDeputy Secretaries of Executive Departments
20.Members of the House of CommonsDirector of the Central Intelligence Agency
21.Consuls General of Countries Without Diplomatic RepresentationSolicitor General
22.Military LeadersAdministrator of the International Development Cooperation Agency
23.Speakers of the Legislative Assemblies of the Provinces and TerritoriesDirector of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
24.Members of the Executive Councils of the Provinces and TerritoriesDirector of the U.S. Information Agency
25.Judges of Provincial and Territorial CourtsUnder Secretaries of State and Counsels
26.Members of the Legislative Assemblies of the Provinces and TerritoriesUnder Secretaries of Executive Departments
27.U.S. Ambassadors at Large
28.Secretaries of the Armed Forces
29.Postmaster General
30.Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
31.Chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality
32.Chairman of the U.S. Export-Import Bank
33.Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
34.Under Secretaries of Defense
35.Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
36.Chiefs of Staff of the Four Services
37.Commandant of the Coast Guard
38.Commanders-in-Chief of Unified and Specified Commands of Four-Star Grade
39.Five-Star Generals and Admirals
40.Lieutenant Governors

and so on!

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