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Order of Precedence

The order of precedence in Canada is a long established succession of power amongst virtually all of the government officials in Canada. Note that this is not an order of succession as does exist in the United States. If one or more of these officials becomes incapacitated or dies while in office, very little occurs in terms of the normal workings of the government.

The only government post that must be filled is the Governor General, who signs bills into law, appoints various officials, and dissolves Parliament. However, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is automatically the Deputy Governor General who can fill in for the Governor General whenever necessary, and the Puisne Justices of the Supreme Court can fill in for the Chief Justice in a similar manner.

The order of titles are listed below along with as many of the names as we could track down that correspond with the titles. The list was last updated on September 19, 2020. Please report any errors or omissions to this list.


1. The Governor General of Canada

    Her Excellency The Right Honourable Julie Payette

2. The Prime Minister of Canada

    The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau

3. The Chief Justice of Canada

    The Right Honourable Richard Wagner
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      Former Governors General of Canada

        The Right Honourable Ed Schreyer
        The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson
        The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean
        The Right Honourable David Johnston

      Surviving Spouses of Deceased Governors General of Canada

        Mrs. Gerda Hnatyshyn
        Mrs. Diana Fowler LeBlanc

      Former Prime Ministers of Canada

        The Right Honourable Joe Clark
        The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney
        The Right Honourable Kim Campbell
        The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien
        The Right Honourable Paul Martin
        The Right Honourable Stephen Harper

      Former Chief Justices of Canada

        The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin

4. The Speaker of the Senate

    The Honourable George Furey

5. The Speaker of the House of Commons

    The Honourable Anthony Rota

6. Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Ministers Plenipotentiary

7. Members of the Canadian Ministry

8. The Leader of the Opposition

    The Honourable Erin O'Toole

9. The Lieutenant Governors of the Provinces of Canada

    The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
      Her Honour The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell
    The Lieutenant Governor of Quebec
      His Honour The Honourable Michel Doyon
    The Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia
      His Honour The Honourable Arthur LeBlanc
    The Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick
      Her Honour The Honourable Brenda Murphy
    The Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba
      Her Honour The Honourable Janice Filmon
    The Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia
      Her Honour The Honourable Janet Austin
    The Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island
      Her Honour The Honourable Antoinette Perry
    The Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan
      His Honour The Honourable Russell Mirasty
    The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta
      Her Honour The Honourable Salma Lakhani
    The Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador
      Her Honour The Honourable Judy Foote

10. Members of the Privy Council

11. Premiers of the Provinces of Canada

    The Premier of Ontario
      The Honourable Doug Ford
    The Premier of Quebec
      Monsieur François Legault
    The Premier of Nova Scotia
      The Honourable Stephen McNeil
    The Premier of New Brunswick
      The Honourable Blaine Higgs
    The Premier of Manitoba
      The Honourable Brian Pallister
    The Premier of British Columbia
      The Honourable John Horgan
    The Premier of Prince Edward Island
      The Honourable Wade MacLauchlan
    The Premier of Saskatchewan
      The Honourable Scott Moe
    The Premier of Alberta
      The Honourable Jason Kenney
    The Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador
      The Honourable Andrew Furey

12. The Commissioners of the Territories

    The Commissioner of the Northwest Territories
      The Honourable Margaret Thom
    The Commissioner of Yukon Territory
      The Honourable Angélique Bernard
    The Commissioner of Nunavut
      The Honourable Nellie Kusugak

13. The Premiers of the Territories

    The Premier of the Northwest Territories
      The Honourable Caroline Cochrane
    The Premier of Yukon Territory
      The Honourable Sandy Silver
    The Premier of Nunavut
      The Honourable Joe Savikataaq

14. Representatives of faith communities

    The religious dignitaries will be senior Canadian representatives of faith communities having a significant presence in a relevant jurisdiction. The relative precedence of the representatives of faith communities is to be governed by the date of their assumption in their present office, their representatives being given the same relative precedence.

15. Puisne Judges of the Supreme Court of Canada

    The Honourable Rosalie Abella
    The Honourable Michael Moldaver
    The Honourable Andromache Karakatsanis
    The Honourable Suzanne Côté
    The Honourable Russell Brown
    The Honourable Malcolm Rowe
    The Honourable Sheilah Martin
    The Honourable Nicholas Kasirer

16. The Chief Justices of the Federal Court of Appeal and the Federal Court

    Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Appeal of Canada
      The Honourable Marc Noël
    Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Canada
      The Honourable Paul Crampton

17. Chief Justices of the Provincial Courts

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