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Former Leaders of the Government in the House of Commons

From 1867 until World War II, the Prime Minister usually organized the business of the House himself, his contacts in the other parties being the whips. Prime Minister King did so until October 1944, when his busy schedule forced him to delegate those duties. In July 1946, King openly recognized the position of Government House Leader. In 1968, it became a full-time position, with the title of President of the Privy Council. Today, the roles of Government Leader in the House of Commons and President of the Privy Council are each its own position.


Dates of OfficeLeaderPolitical Affiliation
1944.10.14 - 1948.01.18The Honourable Ian MackenzieLiberal
1948.05.01 - 1953.05.08The Honourable Alphonse FournierLiberal
1953.05.09 - 1957.04.12The Honourable Walter HarrisLiberal
1957.10.14 - 1959.07.18The Honourable Howard GreenProgressive Conservative
1960.01.14 - 1963.02.06The Honourable Gordon ChurchillProgressive Conservative
1963.05.16 - 1963.12.21The Honourable John PickersgillLiberal
1964.02.18 - 1964.10.29The Honourable Guy FavreauLiberal
1964.10.30 - 1967.05.03The Honourable George McIlraithLiberal
1967.05.04 - 1968.04.23The Honourable Allan MacEachenLiberal
1968.09.12 - 1970.09.23The Honourable Donald MacDonaldLiberal
1970.09.24 - 1974.05.09The Honourable Allan MacEachenLiberal
1974.09.30 - 1976.09.13The Honourable Mitchell SharpLiberal
1976.09.14 - 1979.03.26The Honourable Allan MacEachenLiberal
1979.10.09 - 1979.12.14The Honourable Walter BakerProgressive Conservative
1980.04.14 - 1984.06.29The Honourable Yvon PinardLiberal
1984.06.30 - 1984.07.09The Honourable André OuelletLiberal
1984.11.05 - 1986.06.29The Honourable Ray HnatyshynProgressive Conservative
1986.06.30 - 1989.02.28The Honourable Don MazankowskiProgressive Conservative
1989.04.03 - 1990.02.22The Honourable Douglas LewisProgressive Conservative
1990.02.23 - 1993.06.24The Honourable Harvie AndreProgressive Conservative
1993.06.25 - 1993.09.08The Honourable Douglas LewisProgressive Conservative
1994.01.17 - 1997.04.27The Honourable Herb GrayLiberal
1997.09.22 - 2002.01.14The Honourable Don BoudriaLiberal
2002.01.15 - 2002.05.25The Honourable Ralph GoodaleLiberal
2002.05.26 - 2003.12.11The Honourable Don BoudriaLiberal
2003.12.12 - 2004.07.19The Honourable Jacques SaadaLiberal
2004.07.20 - 2006.02.06The Honourable Tony ValeriLiberal
2006.02.06 - 2007.01.04The Honourable Rob NicholsonConservative
2007.01.04 - 2008.10.30The Honourable Peter Van LoanConservative
2008.10.30 - 2010.08.06The Honourable Jay HillConservative
2010.08.06 - 2011.05.18The Honourable John BairdConservative
2011.05.18 - 2015.11.04The Honourable Peter Van LoanConservative
2015.11.04 - 2016.08.19The Honourable Dominic LeBlancLiberal
2016.08.19 - The Honourable Bardish ChaggerLiberal

SOURCE: Library of Parliament.

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