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Nova Scotia

Nothing has influenced Nova Scotia and its people more than the sea. Because the province is nowhere more than 130 kilometres wide, no part of it is far from the sea. With its fine harbours located near major sea-lanes, it has served as a military and naval bastion in many wars.



Other major cities
Sydney, Yarmouth

Date Entered the Federation
July 1, 1867

Provincial Flower
Trailing Arbutus

Provincial Bird

Provincial Tree
Red Spruce

Munit Haec et Altera Vincit
"One defends and the other conquers"

1,037,782 (2023)

55,284 sq km

Lieutenant Governor
His Honour The Honourable Arthur LeBlanc

The Honourable Tim Houston (Progressive Conservative)

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Nova Scotia is known as Canada's Ocean Playground, and for good reason. For many Nova Scotians the sea is their main source of livelihood and leisure. But the ocean is much more than that. For more than 200 years the sea has played an integral role in the economy of the province. It was the abundant fishery that drew settlers to the area. They stayed to build a future in the many harbours and coves that are cut out along the coastline. To this day, their descendants work in a variety of professions that are related to the water.

The people of Nova Scotia remain its most valuable resource. Descendants of the early settlers and immigrants from around the world have grown together to mold a society that celebrates many cultures. The people have maintained their traditions, but not at the expense of adopting modern and progressive ways. Nova Scotia is the world's largest producer of lobsters, Christmas trees, and wild blueberries.

The development of industry in the province has benefited from this attitude. There has been little disruption of the environment. Natural attractions and a pleasant lifestyle are still cherished. Historic towns and villages have all the modern conveniences, but they still treasure their rich heritage.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, known for the dramatic cliffs that line its coast, occupies part of the northern tip of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.

A common greeting by people of all ethnic backgrounds to visitors in the province reflects this pride in the past, but warmth of the present. Don't be surprised to be welcomed with the Gaelic saying of the first Scottish settlers: "Ciad Mile Failte - A Hundred Thousand Welcomes."

Famous sons and daughters of Nova Scotia include:
  • Alexander Graham Bell, inventor
  • The Right Honourable Sir Robert Borden, 8th Prime Minister of Canada
  • Rita MacNeil, singer/songwriter
  • Anne Murray, singer
  • The Right Honourable Sir John Thompson, 4th Prime Minister of Canada
  • The Honourable Sir Charles Tupper, 6th Prime Minister of Canada

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