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Canadian Personalities

Below you will find great Canadian personalities. Some famous - and not so famous - Canadians who have made a significant difference to the Canadian way of life. While we are sure there are others who deserve to be on this list as well, we hope this is a cross section of people which will give you some insight into what it means to be Canadian.


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Abbott, The Honourable Sir John - Prime Minister
Abbott, Maude - Medicine
Aberdeen, The Earl of (Sir John Campbell Hamilton Gordon) - Governor General
Adams, Bryan - Singer, Composer
Alexander of Tunis, Field Marshal The Earl (Sir Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander) - Governor General, Soldier, Politician
Allan, Sir Hugh - Financier, Shipowner
Amyot, Dr. John A. - Health Scientist
Anka, Paul - Singer, Composer
Arbour, Louise - United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Archibald, Sir Adams George - Father of Confederation
Athlone, Major General The Earl of (Sir Alexander Augustus Frederick William Alfred George Cambridge) - Governor General, Soldier
Atwood, Margaret - Author


Bailey, Donavan - Athlete
Bain, Conrad - Actor
Banting, Sir Frederick - Doctor, Inventor
Barrie, Marc - Painter
Bateman, Robert - Painter
Bell, Alexander Graham - Inventor
Bellows, Gil - Actor
Bennett, The Right Honourable Richard - Prime Minister
Berton, Pierre - Author, Journalist
Bessborough, The Earl of (Sir Vere Brabazon Ponsonby) - Governor General, Politician, Lawyer
Best, Charles - Scientist, Inventor
Bethune, Dr. Norman - Doctor, Inventor
Bishop, Air Marshal Billy - World War I Pilot
Blanchard, Rachel - Actress
Bombardier, Joseph-Armand - Inventor
Bondar, Dr. Roberta - Astronaut
Borden, The Right Honourable Sir Robert - Prime Minister
Boucher, Gaetan - Athlete
Bowell, The Honourable Sir Mackenzie - Prime Minister
Brébeuf, Saint Jean de - Patron Saint of Canada
Broadhead, Rick - Author
Brockhouse, Bertram - Physicist
Brown, George - Publisher, Politician, Father of Confederation
Browning, Kurt - Athlete
Bujold, Genevieve - Actress
Burr, Raymond - Actor
Byng, Lord (Sir Julian Hedworth George Byng) - Governor General, Soldier


Cameron, James - Director
Campbell, Sir Alexander - Father of Confederation
Campbell, The Right Honourable Kim - Prime Minister
Campbell, Neve - Actress
Candy, John - Actor, Comedian
Cardinal, Tantoo - Actress
Carmichael, Frank - Painter
Carr, Emily - Painter, Writer
Carrey, Jim - Actor, Comedian
Carrier, Roch - Author
Carroll, Jim - Author
Cartier, Sir Georges Etienne - Politician, Father of Confederation
Cartier, Jacques - Explorer
Casgrain, The Honourable Marie - Politician
Casselman, Bill - Author
Casson, A.J. - Painter
Chandler, Edward Barron - Father of Confederation
Cherry, Don - T.V. Announcer (Hockey Night in Canada)
Chong, Thomas - Actor, Comedian
Chrétien, The Right Honourable Jean - Prime Minister
Clark, The Right Honourable Joe - Prime Minister
Clarkson, The Right Honourable Adrienne - Governor General, Journalist
Cockburn, James - Father of Confederation
Cohen, Leonard - Author, Musician
Collip, Dr. James - Doctor, Inventor
Connors, (Stompin') Tom - Singer
Connaught and Strathearn, Field Marshall His Royal Highness the Prince Arthur, Duke of (HRH Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert) - Governor General, Soldier
Coombs, Ernie - T.V. Personality (Mr. Dressup)
Cox, Deborah - Singer
Cronyn, Hume - Actor
Cummings, Burton - Musician


Dallaire, Lieutenant-General The Honourable Roméo - Commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda, Senator
de Champlain, Samuel - Explorer
Devonshire, The Duke of (Sir Victor Christian William Cavendish) - Governor General, Politician
Dewhurst, Colleen - Actress
Dickey, The Honourable Robert Barry - Father of Confederation
Diefenbaker, The Right Honourable John - Prime Minister
Dion, Celine - Singer
Dionne, Annette, Cecile, Emilie, Marie, and Yvonne - First Quintuplets
Doohan, James - Actor
Douglas, The Honourable Tommy - Premier of Saskatchewan, Father of Medicare
Dufferin, The Earl of (Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood) - Governor General
Dupuis, Roy - Actor


Egoyan, Atom - Director
Elliott, David James - Actor


Fairclough, The Right Honourable Ellen - Politician
Fergusson, The Honourable Muriel - Politician
Fessenden, Reginald - Physicist, Inventor
Fisher, Charles - Father of Confederation
FitzGerald, Lionel LeMoine - Painter
Fleming, Sir Sandford - Inventor
Foley, Dave - Actor, Comedian
Follows, Megan - Actress
Ford, Glenn - Actor
Foster, David - Composer
Fox, Michael J. - Actor
Fox, Terry - Charity
Francks, Don - Actor
Fraser, Brendan - Actor
Frechette, Louise - Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations
Frewer, Matt - Actor
Frum, Barbara - Journalist


Galt, Sir Alexander Tilloch - Politician, Father of Confederation
Garber, Victor - Actor
Garneau, Marc - Astronaut
Gerussi, Bruno - Actor
Gosling, James - Programmer
Gould, Glenn - Pianist
Gray, John Hamilton - Father of Confederation
Greene, Graham - Actor
Greene, Lorne - Actor
Grenfell, Sir Wilfred - Doctor
Gretzky, Wayne - Athlete
Grey, Earl (Sir Albert Henry George Grey) - Governor General
Gross, Paul - Actor
Gzowski, Peter - Reporter


Hadfield, Colonel Chris - Astronaut
Haim, Corey - Actor
Hall, Monty - Game Show Host
Hansen, Rick - Charity
Harris, Lawren Stewart - Painter
Hart, Corey - Singer
Hart, Evelyn - Ballerina
Hartman, Phil - Actor, Comedian
Haviland, Thomas Heath - Father of Confederation
Hawerchuk, Dale - Athlete
Heffernan, Gerald - Scientist
Hennessy, Jillian - Actress
Henning, Doug - Magician
Henry, William Alexander - Father of Confederation
Henstridge, Natash - Actress
Herzberg, Gerhard - Scientist
Hewitt, Foster - Radio Announcer
Hnatyshyn, The Right Honourable Ramon - Governor General, Politician, Lawyer
Holgate, Edwin Headley - Painter
Homme, Robert - T.V. Personality (The Friendly Giant)
Howe, Gordie - Athlete
Howland, Sir William Pearce - Father of Confederation
Hutt, William - Actor


Ironside, Michael - Actor
Ito, Robert - Actor


Jackson, A.Y. - Painter
Jackson, Joshua - Actor
Jackson, Tom - Actor
Jackson, Russ - Athlete
Jenkins, Fergie - Athlete
Jennings, Peter - Journalist (ABC World News Tonight)
Jericho, Chris - Wrestler
Jewison, Norman - Director
Johnson, John Mercer - Father of Confederation
Johnston, Frank Hans - Painter
Johnston, Lynn - Cartoonist (For Better or For Worse)


Kain, Karen - Ballerina
Kidder, Margot - Actress
King, The Right Honourable William Lyon Mackenzie - Prime Minister
Klein, George J. - Engineer
Ko, Marnie - Investigative Reporter, Magazine Editor
Kotcheff, Ted - Director
Kuzyk, Mimi - Actress


LaMarsh, The Honourable Judy - Politician
Lang, K.D. - Singer
Lansdowne, The Marquess of (Sir Henry Charles Keith Petty-Fitzmaurice) - Governor General, Politician
Laure, Carole - Actress
Laurence, Margaret - Author
Laurier, The Right Honourable Sir Wilfrid - Prime Minister
Law, The Right Honourable Andrew - Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Leacock, Stephen - Author
LeBlanc, The Right Honourable Roméo - Governor General, Politician, Teacher, Journalist
LeCaine, Hugh - Engineer
Léger, The Right Honourable Jules - Governor General, Diplomat
Lemieux, Mario - Athlete
Levy, Eugene - Actor, Comedian
Lightfoot, Gordon - Musician
Lillie, Beatrice - Actress
Lisgar, Lord (Sir John Young) - Governor General, Politician
Lismer, Arthur - Painter
Little, Rich - Impressionist
Logan, William - Geologist
Longboat, Tom - Athlete
Lorne, The Marquess of (Sir John Douglas Sutherland Campbell) - Governor General, Politician


Macdonald, Andrew Archibald - Father of Confederation
MacDonald, James Edward Hervey - Painter
Macdonald, The Right Honourable Sir John A. - Prime Minister, Father of Confederation
MacDonald, Norm - Actor, Comedian
MacEwan, The Honourable Grant - Author, Politician, Lieutenant Govenor of Alberta
MacGill, Elizabeth - Aeronatics
Mackenzie, The Honourable Alexander - Prime Minister
Mackenzie, Sir Alexander - Explorer
Mackenzie, William Lyon - Politician
MacLean, Ron - T.V. Announcer (Hockey Night in Canada)
MacLean, Steve - Astronaut
MacLeod, Dr. John Doctor, Inventor
MacPhail, Agnes - Politician
Mandel, Howie - Actor, Comedian
Manley, Elizabeth - Athlete
Marie-Victorin, Frere - Scientist
Marshall, Amanda - Singer
Martin, The Right Honourable Paul - Prime Minister
Massey, The Right Honourable Vincent - Governor General, Diplomat
Maxwell, Lois - Actress
McCarthy, Sheila - Actress
McClung, Nellie - Politician
McCrae, Lieutenant-Colonel John - Soldier, Physician, Poet (In Flanders Fields)
McCully, Jonathan - Father of Confederation
McDonald, Kevin - Actor, Comedian
McDougall, William - Father of Confederation
McGee, Thomas D'Arcy - Father of Confederation
McKay, Major Mike - Astronaut
McKennitt, Loreena - Singer
McLuhan, Marshall - Communications
McNaughton, Andrew - Engineer
Meeker, Howie - Athlete, Radio Announcer (Hockey Night in Canada)
Meighen, The Right Honourable Arthur - Prime Minister
Michaels, Lorne - Producer, Writer
Michener, The Right Honourable Roland - Governor General, Soldier, Politician
Millar, Ian - Athlete
Minto, The Earl of (Sir Gilbert John Murray Kynynmond Elliot) - Governor General, Soldier
Mitchell, Joni - Singer
Mitchell, Kim - Singer
Mitchell, Peter - Father of Confederation
Monck, The Viscount (Sir Charles Stanley Monck) - Governor General
Money, Dr. Ken - Astronaut
Montgomery, Lucy Maude - Author
Moranis, Rick - Actor, Comedian
Morisette, Alanis - Singer
Morrison, Kieth - Journalist
Mowat, Farley - Author
Mowat, The Honourable Sir Oliver - Father of Confederation, Premier and Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
Mulroney, The Right Honourable Brian - Prime Minister
Munro, Alice - Author
Murray, Anne - Singer
Myers, Mike - Actor, Comedian


Naismith, James - Inventor (Basketball)
Nelligan, Kate - Actress
Newton, Margaret - Agricultural Scientist
Nielsen, Leslie - Actor
Norman, Moe - Athlete


O'Hara, Catherine - Actress, Comedienne
Ogilvie, Archibald, A.W., Alexander, and William - Flour Mill Owners, Politicians, Bankers
Ontkean, Michael - Actor
Orr, Bobby - Athlete
Orser, Brian - Athlete
Ouimet, Alphonse - Communications


Palmer, Edward - Father of Confederation
Payette, Julie - Astronaut
Pearson, The Right Honourable Lester B. - Prime Minister
Pelletier, David - Athlete
Pickford, Mary - Actress
Pinsent, Gordon - Actor, Writer
Plummer, Christopher - Actor
Polanyi, John - Scientist
Polley, Sarah - Actress
Pope, William Henry - Father of Confederation
Priestley, Jason - Actor


Qualen, John - Actor
Quilico, Louis - Opera Singer


Reeves, Keanu - Actor
Richard, Maurice "Rocket" - Athlete
Richler, Mordecai - Author
Riel, Louis - Politician
Ritchie, John William - Father of Confederation
Roy, Patrick - Athlete


Salé, Jamie - Athlete
Sauvé, The Right Honourable Jeanne - Governor General, Politician
Sawa, Devon - Actor
Schnarre, Monika - Actress, Model
Schreyer, The Right Honourable Edward - Governor General, Premier of Manitoba, Diplomat
Scott, Barbara Ann - Athlete
Secord, Laura - War of 1812 heroine
Service, Robert W. - Author
Shaffer, Paul - Musician (The Late Show with David Letterman)
Shatner, William - Actor
Shaver, Helen - Actress
Shea, Sir Ambrose - Father of Confederation
Short, Martin - Actor, Comedian
Shuster, Frank - Comedian
Smith, Michael - Chemist
Smith, Steve - Actor, Comedian
Stanley, Colonel The Honourable George F.G. - Professor, Soldier, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick
Stanley, Lord (Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley) - Governor General, Politician
Steele, Sam - RCMP Officer
Steacie, E.W.R. "Ned" - Chemist
Steen, Jessica - Actress
Steeves, William Henry - Father of Confederation
St. Laurent, The Right Honourable Louis - Prime Minister
Stojko, Elvis - Athlete
Storm, Lance - Wrestler
Strong, Maurice - President of the United Nations University for Peace
Sutherland, Donald - Actor
Sutherland, Kiefer - Actor, Director


Tache, Sir Etienne Paschal - Father of Confederation
Tamblyn, Ian - Musician
Tamia - Singer
Thicke, Alan - Actor
Thirsk, Bob - Astronaut
Thomas, Dave - Actor, Comedian
Thompson, The Right Honourable Sir John - Prime Minister
Thompson, Scott - Actor, Comedian
Thomson, Tom - Painter
Tilley, Sir Leonard - Father of Confederation
Tilly, Jennifer - Actress
Tilly, Meg - Actress
Travers-Bolduc, Mary - Singer, songwriter
Trebek, Alex - Actor, Game Show Host
Trudeau, The Right Honourable Pierre Elliott - Prime Minister
Tryggvason, Bjarni - Astronaut
Tupper, The Honourable Sir Charles - Prime Minister, Father of Confederation
Turnbull, Wallace - Aeronautics
Turner, The Right Honourable John - Prime Minister
Twain, Shania - Singer
Tweed, Shannon - Actress
Tweedsmuir, Lord (Sir John Buchan) - Governor General


Vanier, Major General The Right Honourable Georges - Governor General, Soldier, Diplomat, Lawyer
Varley, Frederick Horsman - Painter
Vernon, John - Actor
Villeneuve, Gilles - Formula One driver
Villeneuve, Jacques - IndyCar driver
Voisine, Roch - Singer


Waxman, Al - Actor
Wayne, Johnny - Comedian
Weir, Mike - Athlete
Whelan, Edward - Father of Confederation
Williams, Dave - Astronaut
Willingdon, The Viscount (Sir Freeman Freeman-Thomas) - Governor General, Politician
Wilmot, Robert Duncan - Father of Confederation
Wilson, The Honourable Cairine - Politician
Wincott, Jeff - Actor
Wincott, Michael - Actor
Wiseman, Joseph - Actor
Wray, Fay - Actress


Young, Neil - Singer


Zegers, Kevin - Actor

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