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If it's the statistics you're looking for, look no further. Below you will find all the latest facts and data on Canada, its government, education and health systems, finances, travel, and much more. All of the numerical statistics are provided by Statistics Canada.


IndependenceJuly 1, 1867
SovereignHer Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Governor GeneralHer Excellency The Right Honourable Julie Payette
Prime MinisterThe Right Honourable Justin TrudeauLiberal
Chief JusticeThe Right Honourable Richard Wagner
Area9,984,670 sq. km2nd largest
Coastline243,791 kmLongest
Highest Point5959 metres (Mount Logan, Yukon Territory)
Lowest Point0 metres (Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans)
Centre of CanadaArviat, Nunavut
Distance (East-West)5514 km
Distance (North-South)4634 km
Population Distribution81% urban / 19% rural(2011)
Average Family Size2.9 persons(2016)
EducationMandatory to 16 years of age
Education Expenditures5.3% GDP (2011)
Elementary and Secondary Enrolment5,068,587(2015/2016)
Number of Universities90(2006)
University Enrolment (Full Time)1,034,000(2017)
Number of Colleges175(2010)
College Enrolment (Full Time)900,000(2010)
Educational Attainment26% - University Degree(2011)
21% - College Diploma(2011)
12% - Trade Certificate(2011)
23% - High School Diploma(2011)
13% - Without High School Diploma(2011)
Health CareUniversal
Health Expenditures11.3% GDP(2018)
Life Expectancy83.0 - Females(2007)
78.3 - Males(2007)
Birth Rate10.6 / 1000(2016)
Death Rate7.0 / 1000(2011)
Infant Mortality Rate5.7 / 1000(2008)
Gross Domestic Product$1,501,000,000(2008)
Total Imports$365,200,000,000(2009)
Total Exports$360,000,000,000(2009)
Inflation Rate2.2%(2018)
Unemployment Rate5.8%(2018)
Average Income (after tax)$35 174(2015)
Trips to CanadaUnited States - 14,232,000(2003)
United Kingdom - 691,000
France - 275,000
Germany - 253,000
Japan - 250,000
Australia - 136,000
South Korea - 133,000
Mexico - 132,000
Netherlands - 104,000
Hong Kong - 87,000
Switzerland - 83,000
China - 77,000
Taiwan - 68,000
India - 67,000
Italy - 57,000

SOURCES: Canada Global Almanac, Statistics Canada, and the Government of Canada.

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